5 Ways AI Affects Our Daily Lives

In the last few years, tremendous progress has been made in the development of Artificial Intelligence.

Hearing about artificial intelligence, many people think of doomsday scenarios, dystopia, or the opinion of those scientists who have become part of pop culture.

In contrast, artificial intelligence is actually already living with us and affecting our lives, making it easier. The AI ​​industry is developing at a rapid pace year by year and surely its potential cannot be underestimated.

Here are 5 ways this new, exciting technology affects our lives.

Artificial Intelligence Jobs

Music and Video Recommendations

Video-sharing platforms like YouTube could not exist without AI. Well, they would exist, but someone else would dominate the market. Someone who takes advantage of the pattern recognition ability of artificial intelligence.

You must have noticed that if you listen to a certain style of music or watch videos on a certain topic on YouTube, similar content recommended by YT will appear on the page.

What happens then is that based on your past behavior, artificial intelligence has created a profile of you based on which the AI sees a picture of your interest. And based on your interest, it offers content that is suitable for your further entertainment or learning.

Moreover, the content on these platforms might already encounter AI before. If you would like to record a video of your favourite artist’s concert, the camera app was likely trying to help you optimize the lights with the help of AI.

Social media is a defining part of our lives in the 21st Century. People’s attention is focused on these networks. And where there is attention, it is a very good marketing opportunity.

Social media uses artificial intelligence to make ads more effective. Marketing professionals run campaigns to reach a massive number of users. Social media ads then generate conversions and sales for the sponsoring company. Campaign optimization and targeting are facilitated by artificial intelligence and work to make the ad as visible as possible to those who really need the product.

Without AI, online advertising would be a mess where no one can find a product they really need.

Web Search

Search engines like Google have been here for years since the internet became popular. But that doesn’t mean they have nothing to do with AI.

When we want to solve a problem, it seems natural to google it first. What we see first is the backbone of the search engine. If the content doesn’t solve our problem, people would stop using the engine.

Therefore, AI helps make the search results the most relevant to us. As AI is constantly evolving, so are search engine suggestions.

Also, AI helps filter out bad faith content. It would be extremely bad for content found on the web to harm us. This would again undermine the authority of the search engine.

Online shopping

Today, we don’t necessarily have to visit the seller’s headquarters if we want to buy something. We simply place an order online and have it delivered to our house.

When searching for products, AI collects data about our shopping habits and preferences. Even what we like. If we used to look at a product in an online store and then see the same product or a similar product on Facebook later, it’s likely that an AI algorithm is trying to help us make a purchase decision.

For some people, this might be frustrating or annoying. But to those who are really in a need of a specific product, this is a savior. In the end, the decision is always made by the customer.

Online Trading

Online trading and finance were among the first areas where AI was introduced. Exchange charts emerge with repetitive patterns, the correct recognition of which can predict market movements.

Of course, this is not always accurate, but investors expect the holy grail to not exist.

Machine learning does not have to be applied exactly as it does in music recognition. There is simply too much noise in the financial data, which makes things harder.


The AI ​​is already present every day of our lives, from looking at our emails in the morning to choosing what movie to watch before bed.

It is evolving day by day and working to bring humanity’s goals within reach.

If you get a musical recommendation, a new shoe, a profitable Bitcoin trade, or the news of your best friend’s promotion on Facebook, artificial intelligence was all present.

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