AIT NETWORK— Carboneum, Strategic Partnership Announced

Greetings from the AIT Network Team

AIT Network and Carboneum signed a strategic partnership to proactively help Carboneum with its technical development on AIT Network blockchain and strategically support the project’s further expansion.

Carboneum is a decentralized infrastructure and protocol for social trading, leveraging blockchain to promote transparency, automation, and a fair fee mechanism, which are missing in social trading systems today.

Carboneum is backed by Thailand’s leading online stock trading and analytical platform, StockRadars, which is a revenue-generating social trading app with over 680K downloads and a joint service with LINE with over 4.8M users.

The strategic partnership with Carboneum will not only help expand AIT Network but also help bring great services to be used in the real-life world.

[Introduction of Carboneum]

Carboneum is creating a decentralized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. Carboneum is an openly distributed protocol owned by every single user.

Traditional social trading platforms helped solve complex problems, however, it still lacks transparency and remains vulnerable to a single point of failure risk. Carboneum will be the solution to solving these problems and is being built to sustain and scale with a sound revenue model where perfect alignment of interests is structured.


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NEXT GENERATION Artificial Intelligence Trading Network for NFT, CEX & DEX

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AIT Network

AIT Network

NEXT GENERATION Artificial Intelligence Trading Network for NFT, CEX & DEX

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