Pre-ICO Sale for Community with 10% Bonus.

We are announcing Pre-ICO Sale for Community with 10% Bonus.

We have decided to give the opportunity to the community to be rich soon!

We know people who are losing their jobs, their houses, and their families. We find so many people struggling, often working harder, simply because of the Pandemic.

Our main aim and motive are to give the chance to the community and the people to reach their goal and be rich. Let’s moon together.

Our special thanks to our early investors who understand and agreed to this.

No Whitelist required! Anyone can participate. AIT Network has a security audit passed by SEC, USA. Our smart contracts audited by MIX BYTES

Please visit our website for buying tokens and follow the instructions.


1 AITN = $ 0.05 USD

1 ETH locked price: $2100 USD

1 ETH = 42000 AITN + 4200 AITN BONUS

Minimum: 0.1 ETH

Maximum: 10 ETH Per Wallet

Soft Cap: $ 50000

Hard Cap: $ 150,000 No Lock-up

Where to Buy: On Our WebSite

How to Buy :

  1. Send ETH,USDT from your Metamask , TrustWallet, or any ERC20 Compatible Wallet to our Contract 0x49f011cBF6fA9Ab9D101b922450E159bDd7Dc0e6
  2. You will receive the tokens immediately after we approve the transaction from the wallet address
  3. Send only ETH to Smart Contract address
  4. If anyone wants to buy with USDT, UDSC Please chat with our official admins.

Uniswap Listing price will be $ 0.60 USD on 3rd May, ProBit & KuCoin Listing price will be $ 0.80 USD on 07th May

More partnerships and announcements coming soon!

Please chat with our official admins on telegram, check the usernames before chat

@rouzele (Camila –Community Manager)

@dianaMile7 (Diana -Community Manager)

@imremike (Mike -Moderator)

@zmandar21 (Thijis Aman-Community Admin)

@alivince_ait (admin)

Please note we will never DM /PM you first. Don’t fall for the SCAMS and beware of the scammers!

Thank you


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