Six Reasons to Participate in the AIT NETWORK ICO

The AITNtoken is an Ethereum based utility token, the fuel of the AITN Network ecosystem.

The private sale for customers only, held on March 16, was very successful. The first round, 2.5 million tokens, sold out in 8 seconds. The second in 2 minutes, the third in 8 minutes.

There was ultimately no token left for the private sale, originally scheduled for 25.

However, the AITN token public sale with the pre-ICO phase will start soon. In the pre-ICO phase, a total of 8 million tokens will be sold at a price of $0.08 per token.

In this article, we will briefly cover 6 reasons why you should participate in a public sale. There is also a tutorial video at the end of the video that shows the process.

The public sale will start in 2 weeks, the first announcement will be made in these Telegram groups:



1. Project with a Working Product & Revenues

Unlike many ICOs, AITN Network does not ask for funds to build a product from scratch but to upgrade a business with stable growth to the next level.

What We Have Already?

  • An automatic trading platform for CEX
  • An automatic trading platform for DEX through an audited Profit Sharing smart contract

The in-house built AI/ML Strategy Engine uses Sentiment Analysis and Quantitative Models, leveraging the vast amount of data that are collected in the Big Data storage. These models are the result of 2 years of intensive R&D work in partnership with the Paris-Saclay University.

The signals which are generated by the Strategy Engine are being traded in real-time on the market by the Execution Engine. All bots work in a non-custodial model on popular exchanges like Binance.

Imagine having an intelligent software that can trade for you on autopilot anytime!

Check out our MVP

What is coming?

Have everything you need to kickstart your trading career on one platform.

  • Social Copy Trading
  • Crypto Trading Signals
  • Crypto Trading Bots
  • Crypto Community
  • Build your own AI/ML Bot
  • DeFI Stake & Trade
  • Portfolio Management
  • Crypto Academy

2. Fixed supply of the Tokens

The maximum supply of AITN Tokens is 50.000.000 without minting functionality. Thereby, it is not possible to inflate the price of the tokens after the Public Sale and listing.

The Private Sale consisted of 4 rounds which are followed by a 2 rounds Public Sale.

3. Burning program to increase the value of tokens

The burning program starts with the unsold tokens during the ICO. During the Private Sale, 10.000.000 Tokens will be sold and 15.000.000 will be during the Public Sale, 25 Million in total. When the Public Sale ends, those tokens which were unsold will be burned.

Moreover, we have a scheduled burning program after the Public Sale. This means the tokens we collect as payment for our services will be burned in 4 rounds until 50% of the total supply is burnt.

Date of burning Percentage of net income being burnt

Q3 2021: 25%

Q1 2022: 20%

Q1 2023: 10%

Q1 2024: 3%

4. Staking Program and Extra Benefits for Holders

Those who are staking the tokens on the AIT Platform will get extra privileges.

What are the benefits of staking AITN tokens?

  • Access to trading signals
  • Free ai trading bots
  • Access to free educational courses
  • Discount on 3rd party courses
  • Discount on AITN bots
  • Discount on 3rd party bots
  • Access to staking reward pool
  • Priority access to advanced AITN bots

5. Price Warranty Program to Protect the Token Sale Participants

Imagine being able to use the token for the same price to buy products on the platform, even if the price is decreased on a public exchange.

This is what the price warranty feature is all about. The price will be fixed at the same price at which it was paid during the Private Sale or ICO.

This applies as long as the token purchasers haven’t exhausted the tokens they bought.

6. The Team Cannot Have Significant Influence on The Price of The Token

The members and advisors of the AITN team only have 15% of the circulating supply. This excludes the risk of the founders and members manipulating the price of the tokens after listing allowing it to trade with them fairly.

ICO website and WhitePaper

How to participate?


The AITN token is a utility token, it does not qualify as a security under any circumstances. The information provided in this article does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice and you should not treat any of the article’s content as such. Do conduct your own due diligence and research before making any decisions.