A fintech company based in France has become the first to develop a smart contract that shares the profit made by trading bots between the client and the company.

A New Era for DEX Trading

This innovation of the French company, b-cube.ai is simple: when the trading signal wins, 80% of the profit stays with the client, 20% comes to the venture. When there is a loss, there is no profit sharing. The smart contract works on Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap.

The development work was funded by the EU-backed Block.IS accelerator program which invests €2.8 million into blockchain projects to kickstart their growth without asking for equity. Programs like Block.IS are great indications of a growing trust for blockchain technology by European lawmakers.

Our CEO commented:

“It was this time when we met Danijel from InoSens & Smilja from VOICT as the jury members of the BlockStart 2019 Pitch night competition in Budapest where we won the first prize. They encouraged us to apply for it and then with Block.IS we got into the Blockchain/Crypto community, met many mentors who motivated us, and helped with their contacts to take our project ahead.

We are now developing blockchain solutions for our business using smart contracts for profit-sharing from the equity-free grants from Block.IS. We are proud to be part of the EU backed Blockchain Acceleration programme Block.IS which gave us everything that we needed at the right time!”

The goal of the company is to provide retail traders with technology, only large institutions had before. The b-cube.ai’s main products are AI-driven crypto trading bots for CEXs. Like the DEX smart contract, many more innovations are under development. The firm aims to raise $475.000 in its Private Sale of their native ERC20 utility token BCUBE.

The Ultimate All-in-One AI-driven Platform For Crypto Traders

As interest rates in developed countries are at record lows, many individuals are looking for alternatives. At the same time, cryptocurrencies are gaining more acceptance all around the world. It makes sense to build a platform that brings all the smart-trader toolkit into one place.

DEX Smart Trading, AI Trading Algos, Build your own AI model and the existing historical results all contribute to retailers being able to be large.

2021: Token Fueled Platforms

For a project with working products & revenues, the token is going to be the new currency accepted as payment. Fixed supply, burning programs and staking programs to encourage participants for holding.

More announcements yet to come on the company’s ICO website.


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